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The $99 per night special is here again! Book either the Manatee, Mermaid, Jungle, Keys, or Hideout cottages for a minimum of 5 nights starting Sunday, August 28th to check out Friday, September 2nd and get it for just $99 per night (plus cleaning fees, taxes, and any extra adult fees).

You must make reservations from 5-28-16 to 6-10-16. Prices will go back to normal after 6-10-16. The first people to book this deal get to pick their cottage.

For those who miss out on this special, you can still enjoy our off-season rates starting August 16 where you can book a cottage for as low as $175 per night.

Here are our available cottages and dates from today until July 2016:

available cottages and open datesavailable cottages and open dates

Cottage rental includes the exclusive use of a 22’ sailboat (for qualified sailors), kayaks, paddle boards, water toys, bicycles, snorkel and fishing gear at no extra cost.

Call 305-451-3438 for reservations or email info@keylimesailingclub.com.