61% Discount Plus More! Happy Fathers Day!

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61% Discount Plus More! Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Father's Day

Here are two surprises KLSC has for you and all dads this coming Father’s Day!

We have a Hideout Special where you can book the Hideout Cottage from June 16 to June 20, 2017 for just $99 per night (from $200 per night). Guests should book the whole 4 nights to avail themselves of the discount. Call 305-451-3438 to book this deal now!

What’s more? Sailing Lessons Special! You can save 10% on our learn to sail course for 2 (ASA 101) and 15% on all other ASA Certified Courses

For a very limited time you can save up to 15% on sailing classes

* Coastal Cruising (ASA 103)
* Bareboat Cruising ( Live-Aboard ASA 104)
* Coastal Navigation (ASA 105)
* Advanced Coastal Cruising ( Live-Aboard ASA 106)
* Cruising Catamaran ( ASA 114)

Combination Classes

* Skipper Package (ASA 103 & ASA 104)
* Cruiser Package (ASA 101, ASA 103 & ASA 104)
* Seafarer Package (ASA 104 & ASA 114)
* Navigator Package – (ASA 105 & ASA 106)

Receive a Father’s Day gift certificate via email upon your class payment in full. The gift certificate is valid for one year.

Here are our available cottages and dates through August

fathers day availability 2017

Cottage rental includes unlimited use of a 22’ sailboat (for qualified sailors), kayaks, paddle boards, water toys, bicycles, snorkel and fishing gear at no extra cost.

Visit our website www.keylimesailingclub.com and send us a Request to Book! You can also call our reservation specialist at 305-451-3438.

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We Still Have Cottages Available, Request to Book!