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(January 1, 2024 to December 15, 2024) We are accepting all entries for this years Photo and Video contest. Please read the following information if you are interested in winning free stays at Key Lime Sailing Club:

Video Contest

This contest is open to all our guests. Submit a video of your KLSC stay and get a chance to win a free 5-night stay at Key Lime Sailing Club and Cottages! We are looking for the most creative and exciting video that tells people about your KLSC vacation.

How to submit: Just upload your finished video to Youtube and email us the url to your video. All links must be emailed to

Please include the dates you stayed, in which cottage, and under who’s name it was reserved.  If you send several emails, include this information in each one. 

Evaluation Criteria

Videos will be judged by the following five criteria:

  1. Overall Impact (fun and informative)
  2. Creativity
  3. Memorable Content and Delivery
  4. Clear Message about what vacationing at Key Lime Sailing Club is all about
  5. Video quality

Contest is open starting January 1 to December 15. We will announce the winner on our Facebook page and newsletter on January 1. There is no limit to the number of videos submitted. So, create your videos now and share them with us!

Respect for Existing Copyright:

You must be the original author of everything in your video or have permission to use copyright protected material. Be creative but think carefully about what you put into the video. If you are considering using existing music, video clips, photos, etc., it is very likely that someone else owns a copyright to that material. In this case, be sure to obtain the copyright owner’s written permission before using the material in your video.

All music basically contains two copyrights: the sound recording, and the underlying song composition (music publishing rights). In a video where you are using a cover song, you need to negotiate a synchronization license. Most of these will go through the Harry Fox Agency.

However, many music publishers have entered into license agreements with YouTube permitting the use of the songs they control in exchange for a percentage of any advertising revenues. So, in some cases, YouTube has already obtained an agreement with the music publisher, so you would be OK covering the song. To determine whether or not a publisher is participating in an agreement with YouTube, you can contact the publisher directly. Publisher contact information may be found at ASCAP or BMI.

You can also go to one of the royalty-free music sites and buy a track for a couple bucks that you can use all you want, (,, etc.).

With all that having been said, we do prefer original music, even if you are just humming…

photo contest

Photo Contest

Pictures can include couples sailing, families sailing, KLSC activities (non-sailing), sailing lessons, etc. There will be a voting period on our Facebook page  where the owner of the photo with the most “Likes” will get a free 3-night stay at KLSC.  There is no limit to the number of photos entered.  To our guests who didn’t join the previous contests, this is your chance!

Please include captions with your submissions. Please include the dates you stayed, in which cottage, and under who’s name it was reserved.  If you send several emails, include this information in each one.


  1. Winner must be 25 years of age or older.
  2. Winner can choose the dates from August 1st to December 15th for their stay (holidays not included).
  3. Main House is not eligible.
  4. Winner can add their free nights or extend their established booking nights if booked August 1st to December 15th and if the cottage is available on those dates.
  5. Chosen dates cannot be rescheduled to other dates. (Please finalize your dates before booking.)
  6. The reservation will be for two adults and the number of children allowed for the preferred cottage. However, if there are more than two adults, winner is responsible for the extra adult fee of $35/per adult, per night plus tax.
  7. Key Lime Sailing Club reserves the right to use all submitted pictures and videos for its promotions and websites.

Contest is open starting January 1 to November 30. We will announce the winners on our Facebook page and newsletter on January 1.

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