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We would like to share an article from Florida Currents, the magazine owned by the Florida Keys Electric Cooperative. This article highlights the incredible effort put forth by the Florida Keys Electric Cooperative (FKEC) to restore power to the Keys after the devastating impact of Hurricane Irma.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, the FKEC faced an enormous challenge in restoring power to the thousands of residents and businesses throughout the Florida Keys. The hurricane had left widespread destruction in its wake, leaving power lines down, transformers blown, and poles snapped. Despite the overwhelming devastation, the FKEC team worked tirelessly to restore power to the community as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The article details the amazing efforts of the FKEC team, who worked long hours in extreme conditions to get the job done. The linemen and support staff showed incredible dedication and bravery, working to restore power to the Keys despite the dangers and challenges they faced.

As residents and business owners in the Florida Keys, we cannot thank the FKEC enough for their tireless efforts and incredible work in restoring power after Hurricane Irma. Their unwavering dedication to the community is an inspiration to us all, and we are proud to share their story.

Here is their article. We apologize if we just took a picture of their magazine content. This is still quite readable though.

Florida After Irma Florida Currents Article

Florida After Irma Florida Currents Article

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