Thanksgiving in the Keys

So the year is winding down. The air is getting cooler. It’s 38 degrees in Helena, MT. It’s down to 85 here as I write this. (Sorry ‘bout that Helena.) Last year on Thanksgiving I wore a long sleeve shirt and jeans. Keys winter attire.
We’re about two weeks away from another Thanksgiving. It’s a holiday defined by its name. It goes back a long way. Growing up, we were all told about the “first Thanksgiving” in Plymouth in 1621. I’m pretty sure it didn’t go the way they taught it when I was in grade school, but it’s a nice idea. Settlers inviting their new neighbors over for a big dinner to celebrate a harvest that would keep them from starving during the coming winter. It kinda caught on but didn’t really go mainstream until 1789, when President George Washington declared November 26th a national day of thanksgiving and prayer. The Bill of Rights wouldn’t be ratified for another two years so there was no protesting about the separation of church and state. And most people still prayed back then anyway so it’s likely they wouldn’t have cared.
Thanksgiving in the Keys
We’ve evolved a lot of traditions associated with Thanksgiving since then, big dinners, watching the Macy’s parade, football games. We have one here at KLSC too. Every year the staff cooks Thanksgiving dinner for our guests, because our guests, some of whom have been staying with us regularly for almost 20 years, are one of the things for which we are most grateful. If I remember right, last year we cooked four turkeys, two hams, and a wheelbarrow full of sides for just over fifty guests. The guests also throw in, with each cottage bringing their favorite side or dessert to share.
Thanksgiving dinner for our Guests
It’s always a special day here. The guests spend the morning sailing, paddling, or just relaxing on the beach. Dinner is usually mid-afternoon. Around two o’clock people start gathering at the tables for a fabulous buffet style dinner. Before we eat, Paul will usually say a few words, and someone will offer a benediction. There’s a lot of food, but the day is more about the feeling of camaraderie, gratitude, and yes, family, that pervades the event. 
After dinner, the focus turns to the beach and tiki-hut in anticipation of one of our spectacular Keys sunsets. Then we light up the fire pit for conversation, music, and to just enjoy the peace of mind that follows a day like this. Come experience it with us.
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