What should you expect from Key Lime Sailing Club?

Maybe you are one of those people who like to do a little research on a resort before booking a stay, or maybe you already have but would like some input. Well, whatever you situation, TripAdvisor.com gives honest reviews from vacationers like yourself about the resorts they stay at. Many former guests at the Key Lime Sailing Club like to post their experiences with us there, so check it out!

By doing our very best to please our guests, they do their very best to rate and describe their stays in return. TripAdvisor is known as a great place for our guests to post trustworthy inputs.

Our guests, when on their vacation at KLSC, expect and get an ideal vacation. Key Lime Sailing Club works hard to give the best vacations for our guests which gives them a feeling that exceeds satisfaction.

So what should you expect from Key Lime Sailing Club? One out of many gave us the perfect explanation:

“There is nothing about this place that says “Five Star Resort – Life in the Lap of Luxury”. Instead, it should say “Come hang out in the Keys with friends – play all you want, make yourself at home- Enjoy! If you need anything, I’m only a phone call away – see you at the Tiki Hut tonight to hear all about it.” If you want someone to hold your hand and dust off your chair before you sit – STAY AWAY! If you are laid back and love the water – Go ahead and book now. You will not be disappointed, you will be AMAZED!”

Thanks to our guests, future guests can expect exactly what we offer: clean, relaxing settings, a room with a view, basic needed home items, and you can even ask in advance for us to add things that you may like added to your cottage before your arrival.

So come hang out with all of us at the Key Lime Sailing Club and make new friends! With your free sailboat, fishing gear, kayaks, snorkel gear, you will get the whole Florida Keys experience before you even begin touring the Keys! And don’t be surprised if you feel the need to come back next year, because our atmosphere of a relaxing, friendly, and fun atmosphere of the rustic Florida Keys tends to do that to people. Enjoy!

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